Male Early Ejaculation Cures

Early ejaculation, rapid ejaculation or premature ejaculation all mean the same thing. This is typically characterized by reaching the point of ejaculation within two minutes of vaginal penetration. This is a common male sexual disorder that can be easily treated with a few simple cures.

How to delay ejaculation is not a hard question to answer. You can use a variety of male sexual health products to get the job done. There are benzocaine products that help to slightly numb the penis. This allows for a man to last longer in bed before he reaches orgasm. These products come in the form of condoms, sprays and benzocaine cream. You simply apply the product to the genitals prior to sex to delay the ejaculation response from the body.

Enlast is a popular cream that many men chose to use to help prolong their ejaculation. You can find this product widely available online for easy purchase. With more use your body will be able to sustain from reaching climax for longer. Think of it as training the body for better sex.